Don't Suffer In Silence, Make A Report.

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Hello, welcome to the School Help Advice Reporting Page (SHARP) System. We all work together at The Calder Learning Trust to help with any problems you may have in or out of school.

Our names are Mr Pollard and Ms Bailey and we are the Safeguarding and Wellbeing Officers for The Calder Learning Trust.

Using this system, you can report any issues you may be facing in or out of school and we will look into them. We treat this very seriously and we hope you will too.

Please do not suffer in silence, we are here to listen and help. All referrals will be looked into and information shared as appropriate. Unfortunately this service is only available during school hours and in term time only. Please see the Calder Cares website if you need support at any other time.

This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen SUFFERING.

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